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Monitor the activity of your company’s work computers from anywhere with Controlio!

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What is Controlio?

Controlio is an online application for monitoring the company’s desktop computers running the Windows operating system. You can easily monitor the use of the internet and applications for security reasons and monitor what is happening on your personal screens live or on demand. Check what you type, browse the web, which files are copied, and more.

The application on the desktop is running visibly. The system is free to try on three computers for 14 days.

Why Do You Need User Activity Monitoring Solution?

Why Controlio?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. Monitoring work computers is a more difficult task during a pandemic, as many tasks are now done remotely from home.

Monitoring work computers via Controlio offers many different reports with many features and filters to simplify your search. You can see what is happening on each desktop in real time or what has happened at any time in the past.

Insider threats will no longer be a puzzle thanks to the constant screen recording. Controlio records and stores .mp4 video instead of screenshots. The video is linked with keystrokes and events for the best search results.

Productivity optimization is one of the reasons why you need a surveillance system. With Controlio, you can see productivity issues and organizational bottlenecks at their early stages and take care of them before they become big.

What Are Controlio Features?